Nov. 6, 2021

48. The Zero Waste Chef, Anne-Marie Bonneau

48. The Zero Waste Chef, Anne-Marie Bonneau

Anne-Marie Bonneau (she/her), otherwise known as Zero Waste Chef, began her plastic-free journey in 2011. As a family of foodies, Anne-Marie and her family began to dive into plastic-free and zero waste cooking, experimenting with ways to minimize trash and food waste in their daily lives. In this week's episode, Anne-Marie and Stephanie talk about earth-friendly tips to transform your kitchen and adapt favorite recipes to be low waste and plant based!

For everyday tips and zero waste cooking inspiration, follow Anne-Marie on Instagram and Facebook: @zerowastechef
Her cookbook The Zero Waste Chef is now available in all major book stores. Check out Anne-Marie's website and sign up to join her Sourdough Bread Weekend Workshop, November 12-14.

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