Oct. 23, 2021

44. Earth-Friendly Skincare with OOliva Studio and Bombini Skin

44. Earth-Friendly Skincare with OOliva Studio and Bombini Skin

OOliva Studio and Bombini Skin are both Seattle-based companies committed to using natural, healthy ingredients for skin and hair care products. These companies are staff favorites at Scoop due to their earth-friendly production practices and values. In this episode, we discuss skincare practices that are healthy for both our bodies and the planet and things to consider when purchasing beauty products.

As part of Scoop’s crowdfunding campaign, we have created the Beauty EcoBox with a selection of our favorite sustainable skincare products. To take a deeper look into this box, today’s episode includes two interviews: a discussion with Gina Grey of OOliva Studio and another with Andrea Taylor of Bombini Skin. 

The Beauty EcoBox is only available as part of our Indiegogo campaign, for folks who make a contribution of $200 or more. Become a backer of our campaign at http://tinyurl.com/scooplove

Visit OOliva on their website ooliva.com and on Instagram @ooliva.studio.
You can find Bombini Skin on their website bombiniskin.com and on Instagram @bombiniskin.

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