Dec. 11, 2021

57. River Valley Cheese with Kristi Slotemaker

57. River Valley Cheese with Kristi Slotemaker

In this week's episode, Stephanie sits down for a fun conversation with Kristi Slotemaker (she/her) that is sure to make your day a bit brighter. Kristi, the Big Cheese at River Valley Cheese in Renton, teaches cheesemaking classes and is building a space to foster women-owned food business. Kristi and Stephanie chat about the need to support small business in Renton and the Southend, and how this community is thriving.

This episode was recorded in October 2020, when Scoop had a second location in River Valley Cheese. Unfortunately, it wasn't financially sustainable for Scoop at this time and our Renton location is no longer open.

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Looking for a fun experience to gift this holiday season? Kristi's classes make a great gift for your favorite cheese-eater!

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